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Stringent new plastic bag regulations for Africa

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Stringent new plastic bag regulations.

Several African countries, including South Africa, Botswana, Kenya and Rwanda have banned the use of plastic bags recently. From the end of June 2019, Tanzania, including Zanzibar, will follow suit enforcing a total ban on plastic bags. The ban on plastic bags relates to the production, importation, sale and use of plastic bags for both nationals and tourists. The ban includes duty free bags, therefore items purchased duty free must be removed from a plastic bag prior to entering the listed countries. Tourists are required to respect this regulation by bringing non-plastic bags with them and refusing to use plastic bags during their stay. You may see plastic bags scattered on the side of roads, or at markets and think that this regulation is not true. However, we have been advised by the relevant government authorities that this rule will be enforced if tourists are seen using plastic bags. Therefore, we advise that you adhere to these rules when visiting Africa.